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Magnetic Products and Retrieval Devices

magnetic building toysDayborn Magnetics
Innovators of Magnetic  Products and Retrieval Devices 

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magnets for sale

Industry recognizes how physics and magnets work together in the world of production and manufacturing. Dayborn Company has been in the forefront of industrial magnets and has emerged as a leader in the creation and production of industrial magnetic products. 

“Fortunately, word of the Type ALT’s effectiveness spread rapidly throughout the airline and trucking industries and the product sold itself.” 

– Charlie Dayborn, President 

An innovator in permanent magnetic products, Dayborn Company was one of the first companies to introduce the magnetic sweeper for trucking docks and airport terminals. Called the “Type ALT” Magnetic Sweeper, and purchased by Consolidated Freight ways and Piedmont Airlines (now merged into US Airways), the Type ALT filled a need for a safe, effective method of removing damaged ferrous metal trash from the workplace. 

“The biggest challenge during our early years was to create brand awareness,” says Charlie Dayborn , company President. “Fortunately, word of the Type ALT’s effectiveness spread rapidly throughout the airline and trucking industries and the product sold itself.” 

Over the years the market for magnets has greatly expanded to include industries such as material handling/distribution, construction, aggregate/mining and agriculture/food processing. Dayborn  

“…it’s not only our job to create the product, but also to expose the product to the proper marketplace.” 

– Mike Jefferies, VP Marketing 
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